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With years of experience and industry knowledge, MP Canned Food Limited is operating as an exporter and supplier of Pre-Cooked Food in the global marketplace. As a company, we share strong bonds with numerous leading players from whom we procure products after complete quality confirmation. Our offered array of Pre-Cooked Food entails 900gm Pre-Cooked Teriyaki Marinade Spare Ribs, 900g Pre-Cooked BBQ-Chilly Marinade Spare Ribs, 600g-900g Pre-Cooked Spice Spare Ribs, 500g Pre-Cooked Piglet Shank, 500g Pre-Cooked BBQ Half Chicken, 500g Pre-Cooked Teriyaki Half Chicken and 500g Pre-Cooked Piri-piri Half Chicken. We are offering Pre-Cooked Food made by MAAG Canning Industry in Estonia to clients based in the United Kingdom. We are selling "Rannarootsi" and "Frank Pott" brands.  


Followings are our three big business values :

  • Quality products
  • Professional customer service
  • 100% recyclable products