500g Pre-Cooked BBQ Half Chicken

A famed name, the company is entrusted with a task of making available high quality lot of 500g Pre-Cooked BBQ Half Chicken. The clients can stay assured with us for their transactions, as our payment methods are quite safe and reliable.

Ingredients : Broiler (88%), barbecue marinade (10%), salt

100g of the product contains(average) :

  • Energy 9151c)7219kcal
  • Fat 13 g (MdudMg saturated fatty acids 3 g)
  • Carbs 8,7g (inc. sugars 5,8 g)
  • Protein 16,8 g Salt 1,3g

One portion 2.g contams :

  • The adult recommended daily amount
  • Storage conditions - 2...6C
  • Shelf life - 70 days from production

One portion 2.g contaMs :

Energy 1647kj 0.2
394kcal 0.2
Fat/Including saturated fatty Acids 23g 0.33
5.4g 0.27
Sugar 10.4g 0.12
Salt 23g 0.38