500g Pre-Cooked Piri-piri Half Chicken

From the point of view of marketing, shipping, and handling, our products are securely packed in top-grade supplies using ultramodern packaging machines. The packaging is extremely reliable. We understand that high-quality standards should be maintained throughout the offerings. And, for attaining this objective, we make use of superior-grade raw material for manufacturing the same.

Ingredients : Chickhen 96% piri piri-Spice mix 1.2%, salt

100g of the product contains(average) :

  • Energy 855 kJ/205 kcal
  • Fat. 14 g (including saturated fatty acids 3,2 g)
  • Carbs. 1,5 g (inc. sugars 0,4 g)
  • Pro teM 18,3 g
  • Salt 1,5g
  • One portion 250g contains - , the adult recommended daily amount
  • Storage conditions - 2...6'C
  • Shelf life - 70 days from production

One portion 250g contains

Energy 2137kj 0.25
513kcal 0.25
Fat/Including saturated fatty Acids 35g 0.5
3.2g 0.16
Sugar 0.4g 0
Salt 3.8g 0.62