600g-900g Pre-Cooked Spice Spare Ribs

Our stern examination in the raw materials and other inputs help us presenting quality assortment of products. With complete inspection on all materials, we ensure premium quality of products. Over the years, we have become a primary choice of the buyers sine our product is qualitative and deliveries are time bound.

Ingredients : Pork, ribs 97%, spice., of 2.6%, salt

100g of the product contains(average) :

  • Energy 416 kJ/100 kcal
  • Fat 6,9 g (indud.g saturated fatty acids 2,9 g)
  • Carbs. 0,6 g (inc. sugar s 0,5 g)
  • Protein 8,9 g
  • Salt 1,5g
  • Storage conditions - 2...6C
  • Shelf life - 70 clays from production

One portion 300g contains

Energy 1248kj 0.15
300kcal 0.15
Fat/Including saturated fatty Acids 6.9g 0.29
29g 0.15
Sugar 0.5g 0.01
Salt 4.5g 0.75